Policy Papers

The Equity Rankings:
An Alternative Assessment of U.S. Higher Education

Federick Ngo, Ph.D.
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Communication Equity Audits:
Eliminating Racialized Responsiveness among College Admissions Counselors

Ted Thornhill, Ph.D.
Florida Gulf Coast University
Beyond the Land Acknowledgement:
College “LAND BACK” or Free Tuition for Native Students

Megan Red Shirt-Shaw
University of Minnesota
Reducing Red Tape through Simplification:
How Idaho Radically Reimagined College Admissions

Jennifer A. Delaney, Ph.D.
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Taylor K. Odle
University of Pennsylvania
Dismantling the Hunger Games:
Exploring a Match System in Selective Admissions

OiYan Poon, Ph.D.
Colorado State University
In a Pandemic, Test-Optional Admissions is Necessary but Insufficient
Dominique J. Baker, Ph.D.
Southern Methodist University
Akil Bello
Reimagining Admissions and Enrollment Practices:
College in Prison Programs
Erin Corbett, Ed.D.
Second Chance Educational Alliance
Reimagining College Fairs for Equity:
The Role of High Schools and Postsecondary Education
Adrian H. Huerta, Ph.D.
University of Southern California